Sustainability, Green Design, Health and Energy Efficiency are not just incorporated in our Design, It is the way we work. ‘Green’ is in our name. We work with these principals at the forefront of every project and in our own operations. We provide Sustainability consulting solutions for Buildings, Cities and Businesses. We have expertise on LEED, WELL, Living Building Challenge, Green Globes, Energy Efficiency & NYSERDA outreach, Active Design, Health & Well being and more. We also provide Workshops and Training on these topics. Accredited professional sustainability staff with versatile experience in over 25 LEED projects, 200 NYSERDA projects and 20 plus Sustainability workshops.


Sustainability Services:

  • Sustainable Built Environment consulting: LEED, WELL, Living building challenge, CHPS, Green Globes project administration and consulting; Pilot credits and innovation.
  • Sustainable Business consulting: Corporate Sustainability Solutions, Training on Health and well being, Sustainable living, Sustainable buildings, Energy efficiency, innovative solutions, local rebates and incentives.
  • Training and Workshops: Sustainability Charrettes, Training on Health and well being, Sustainable living, Active Design, Energy Efficiency, Innovative solutions, Toxin Free Buildings, LEED education, LBC education, and more.
  • Energy Efficiency: Project management and outreach for Energy Efficient building design and construction, NYSERDA outreach, Innovative solutions, Net Zero Energy certification (LBC), Training and workshops, local energy related rebates and incentive support.

Remember we are New York State Certified WBE & MBE company and we provide a variety of services to meet your goals.